Project Gadget was created to reach a personal goal of mine to have a gadget site. Since an early age I was really into gadgets and have obsessed over them ever since. Growing up I contacted Sony so I could receive all the latest catalogs and would memorize all the latest radios, tv’s, headphones, etc. Later in life, I was a CNET mobile warrior and product manager in the computer industry so had experience on the manufacturing and retail side. With so many gadget blog out there, my differentiation is unbiased reviews and personal recommendations. I stay up to date on the latest and greatest gadgets and always happy to provide a viewpoint.

About Me… For the last 12 years, I have built hundreds of web sites, e-commerce stores, blogs and more for clients around the world through my company Vastplanet and felt it was time for a personal project. Everyone said I shouldn’t start another gadget blog but I did it anyway so I hope you enjoy the reviews.

Michael Vorel | Project Gadget

Please note, I will never push a product that I don’t personally deem as cool. I give you the ability to find it on the internet and just want to share the cool gadgets and gizmos I uncover. My reviews are unbiased and if a product is great I will share and if not I will offer my thoughts on improving it! If the product is a total failure, I inform the company and see if future modiciations to the design are possible in round 2.

Disclaimer – Sometimes I receive a product for free to review (appreciate that very much :)) or make a percentage of the revenue with a referral partner link to help offset the gadget obsession. However, the majority of the time these gadgets are ones that I buy on my own. Either way, I always give you the unbiased gadget review.

If you want me to personally review your product, don’t be shy send me an email or the product itself as I am always looking for great products to talk about. We just added a full video lab at Project Gadget so everything we review will go on video as well. You can see our YouTube Gadget Review Videos here.

Michael Vorel in Samsung TV video using Samsung Galaxy Tab as a Remote

Quote from a Recent Review (thanks David!)
“ProjectGadget is one of the sites I visit daily. They keep me up to date on the newest and coolest gadgets out there. I know first hand they provide truthful, un-biased reviews, and are a source you can trust when it comes to reviews. It is a must read, daily blog.” David French. Founder www.optimization-world.com

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