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  • Eton Soulra XL Solar BoomBox

    Eton Soulra XL Solar BoomBox

    At the consumer electronics show last year I spent some time in the Eton booth and loved the Soulra XL. It wasn’t available at the time and now it is which is great news. The Soulra is an Apple iPhone or iPod enabled boombox with a 72″ monocrystal solar recharging panel built in. In 5 hours you can recharge the system or your iphone in the sun and allows you to enjoy music at the beach, outdoor party, etc.

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  • RAM iPad Mounting Systems

    RAM iPad Mounting Systems

    A friend of mine is getting his pilot’s license and mentioned the Ram mounting system as a favorite for pilots to secure a variety of phones, gps, etc. Curious, I explored further on how I could take an ipad 2 in the car for navigation (or watching a movie…) and below is what you need to mount it safely with the ultimate flexibility. The pricing can accelerate quickly but if you want the best, don’t skimp!

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  • Dr Dre BeatBox iPod / iPhone Speaker

    Dr Dre BeatBox iPod / iPhone Speaker

    One day I was cruising through Best Buy and came across the Dr DreĀ® BeatBox iPod/iPhone docking station and had to give it a whirl. Dr. DreĀ® has a variety of branded headphones and was really skeptical of the sound. However, once I dropped my iphone into the top the sound was amazing (thanks Dr!) The speaker has pros and cons and haven’t purchased it yet (but close :))

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  • Hobie Cat Bravo Catamaran

    Hobie Cat Bravo Catamaran

    After kayaking, skimboarding and paddleboarding pursuits I was thinking about the wind and the toys available. Everyone knows about the Hobie Cat Catamaran but what about a smaller version for 2? Check out the 12′ Hobie Cat Bravo weighing in at 195 pounds. Rugged, fun and fast!

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  • Surftech Laird Pearson Arrow 11′ Stand Up Paddleboard

    Surftech Laird Pearson Arrow 11′ Stand Up Paddleboard

    Ok, so yesterday I tried paddleboarding and now I have to own one of these boards. Did some research and being a fan of Laird Pearson came across the Surftech Laird Pearson Arrow 11′ 0″ Stand Up Paddleboard that seems very cool.

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  • TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA Calibre 8 Watch

    TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA Calibre 8 Watch

    Wow! Check out the sleek lines on the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 8 Automatic watch! Inspired by GT race car engine design, the rotating system removes the traditional hands with dashboard discs. The result is an easy to read stainless steel watch that’s stylish and cool. Have an extra $3k for a new watch?

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  • Garmin GPS iPhone App

    Garmin GPS iPhone App

    Fed up with Google maps for navigation on your iPhone? One day while trying to navigate around New York City I decided to splurge for the $34.99 Garmin StreetPilot GPS App and glad I did. Having full turn by turn directions with autocorrection is great for the car and as a pedestrian.

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  • Cobra Universal Mini Mount

    Cobra Universal Mini Mount

    As an avid user of the iPhone I was looking for a car dash holder that would allow for easy viewing of email, navigation and listening to music. Recently I received a Cobra Universal Mini Mount (cb-mnt-uni) to review and have put it through the paces over the last few weeks. The mini mount has been in several cars and even on the dash of a boat and a great device!

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  • iHome iD9 iPad iPhone Portable Speaker

    iHome iD9 iPad iPhone Portable Speaker

    Recently I purchased the iHome iD9 portable sound dock and wanted to share my excitement over the device. As an avid listener of music on Pandora and owner of an iPhone 4 and iPad 2 I was looking for a self powered portable speaker that could be used anywhere.

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  • Samsung Galaxy as Remote for Samsung TV

    Samsung Galaxy as Remote for Samsung TV

    Recently had a an amazing opportunity to shoot a video for Samsung involving the new smart TV. The focus of my video was on using the Samsung Galaxy Tab as a remote for the TV.

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  • Smashing Gadgets | Hard Drives vs. Mini Sledge

    Smashing Gadgets | Hard Drives vs. Mini Sledge

    Today we are going to smash some gadgets in the first episode of Smashing Gadgets! Sure it sounds a little strange but sometimes gadgets become obsolete and in the case of hard drives they hold valuable data (emails, passwords, files). I recently had a garage sale and pulled out 5 hard drives before I sold / gave them away. So the stack caught my eye and thought why not smash them? Easier said than done..

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  • iPad2 | Upgrade Your Memory?

    iPad2 | Upgrade Your Memory?

    As an Apple fanatic, I ordered the iPad2 from Apple yesterday morning and sitting here imagining what it would be like to play with. As I read the various reviews from the zillion web sites who cover it I came across one on 9to5mac that spoke about a teardown of an ipad2 on ifixit.

    My Question – Can I UPGRADE the Toshiba 16GB Flash memory chip to say a 64GB?

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  • iMego Earth Headphones

    iMego Earth Headphones

    Recently I had the opportunity to check out a new line of headphones from iMego. The colorful and stylish iMego Earth series come in 4 vibrant colors with cool mosaic patterns on the side. For the review I was sporting a pair of light blue ones with a mosaic design and although they wouldn’t be the style for me I liked them very much.

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  • ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case

    ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case

    What a cool product from Zagg! The Zaggmate iPad keyboard case with bluetooth has arrived! The iPad is an amazing gadget but the virtual keyboard is just not feasible for typing (large amounts of text that is). I was thinking the only options were the bluetooth Apple keyboard coupled with a stand or one of those cheap keyboard solutions. If you have looked at some of the other options available for keyboards you wil understand what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Apple keyboard and use it every day with my MacBook but like the integration of this design for the complete package into one case is the ticket.

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  • Top 10 Holiday Gadgets

    Top 10 Holiday Gadgets

    It’s time for my top 10 holiday gadgets for 2010 and handpicked some great ones. I am really particular on what goes on the list so if buying for gift or yourself you can be assured that these are winners.

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