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  • Cobra Universal Mini Mount

    Cobra Universal Mini Mount

    As an avid user of the iPhone I was looking for a car dash holder that would allow for easy viewing of email, navigation and listening to music. Recently I received a Cobra Universal Mini Mount (cb-mnt-uni) to review and have put it through the paces over the last few weeks. The mini mount has been in several cars and even on the dash of a boat and a great device!

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  • iPad +  HTC Android = Ultimate Solution

    iPad + HTC Android = Ultimate Solution

    Instead of a product review I wanted to try something different and talk about an issue I am facing. With the launch of the Apple iPad it has made me consider my overall mobile gadget strategy. As an iPhone user I really love the iTunes integration, available apps and overall fun. However, with the android operating system on the rise my curiosity is leaning towards Google and HTC rather than Apple. So what to do? The cross platform solution Since […]

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  • TazzleIt | Blackberry Wireless File Sending

    TazzleIt | Blackberry Wireless File Sending

    Want to be more productive with your Blackberry? I recently received a TazzleIt USB device that allows you to send photos, files and print from your phone to your laptop or desktop. This impressive little device is perfect for the mobile professional who wants to share internal documents on the road. I created a video review of the TazzleIt and you can see it here or view below: As the manufacturer says… “Tazzle It” I wanted to thank Bruce Haendal, […]

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  • Ultimate iPhone Hands Free Desktop Holder

    Ultimate iPhone Hands Free Desktop Holder

    The iPhone and iTouch are amazing devices to watch video, browse the web, play with apps, etc. However, try holding yours for any period of time in vertical or horizontal position and you arms get tired. Below is the latest design in iphone desktop holders by Podium. Platinum Podium $48 (visit Podium Site) Elegance in platinum design, allows you to use with Apple iphone or itouch as an easy way to hold in vertical or horizontal positions. Perfect for email, […]

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  • LG TV Cell Phone LG-CU920

    LG TV Cell Phone LG-CU920

    I want Live TV on my cell phone and went looking for alternatives and found the LG CU920 Cell Phone. With At&t mobile TV service you can enjoy full-length broadcast quality TV shows, play music and record videos. With a 2MP camera and touch screen the competitors are closing in on Apples iphone. Looks like a nice design. Explore the LG-CU920

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  • Iridium Global Satellite Phone 9555

    Iridium Global Satellite Phone 9555

    Remember those Iridium satellites? Well you can get a phone that will work anywhere in the world and that is one cool concept. The Iridium 9555 satellite phone is a ruggedly built tool and is not an average phone! It is Water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability and has SMS and email messaging capability. It’s the ultimate global traveler phone. 1000 Prepaid Minutes with 2 Year Expiration is $1,250.00 in case you are wondering. What it will do […]

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