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  • iMego Earth Headphones

    iMego Earth Headphones

    Recently I had the opportunity to check out a new line of headphones from iMego. The colorful and stylish iMego Earth series come in 4 vibrant colors with cool mosaic patterns on the side. For the review I was sporting a pair of light blue ones with a mosaic design and although they wouldn’t be the style for me I liked them very much.

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  • Top 10 Skype Gadgets

    Top 10 Skype Gadgets

    I use Skype every day in both chat, making phone calls and video and wanted to share some great products that help you utilize Skype to it’s full potential. In case you have been in a cave and you haven’t heard of Skype (how could that be?) it’s a Free live chat and video service that works on PC or Mac with some cool upgrades. Once you have your account you can pay under $30/yr for unlimited calling to real […]

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  • Sony Digital Noise Canceling Headphone

    Sony Digital Noise Canceling Headphone

    The Sony MDR-NC500D Digital Noise canceling headphones look really nice. Sony claims they are the world’s first headphones with digital technology for noise canceling. The adjust settings automatically based on your environment and offer 99% ambient noise reduction, lightweight and auto equalize. Shop the official Sony store for exclusive products & services, special offers and savings.

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