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  • RAM iPad Mounting Systems

    RAM iPad Mounting Systems

    A friend of mine is getting his pilot’s license and mentioned the Ram mounting system as a favorite for pilots to secure a variety of phones, gps, etc. Curious, I explored further on how I could take an ipad 2 in the car for navigation (or watching a movie…) and below is what you need to mount it safely with the ultimate flexibility. The pricing can accelerate quickly but if you want the best, don’t skimp!

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  • iPhone 4 Case

    iPhone 4 Case

    The iphone 4 case race is on and just checked out the cases available for Free on iTunes. Per the “antennagate” reception issue, Apple is giving users the option to receive a free bumper case or one of 7 other models. That’s nice of Apple and just picked up 2 of them. However, I must say none of the cases hold a candle to the ifrogz iphone 4 Lux Lean cases we are sporting right now. This is the screen […]

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