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  • Eton Soulra XL Solar BoomBox

    Eton Soulra XL Solar BoomBox

    At the consumer electronics show last year I spent some time in the Eton booth and loved the Soulra XL. It wasn’t available at the time and now it is which is great news. The Soulra is an Apple iPhone or iPod enabled boombox with a 72″ monocrystal solar recharging panel built in. In 5 hours you can recharge the system or your iphone in the sun and allows you to enjoy music at the beach, outdoor party, etc.

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  • Monaco Solar iPhone Charger

    Monaco Solar iPhone Charger

    As an avid iphone 4 user I am always in need of portable power and have tested several battery solutions (some better than others). It seems to me that the easiest solution is an external USB based power solution that is not phone specific so you can use with multiple phones (iphone, blackberry, droid, evo, etc). For example, I upgraded my iphone so the mophie air pack for the 3G becomes worthless. Stay external for flexibility and don’t bother with […]

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  • iPhone Docking Station + Battery Pack

    iPhone Docking Station + Battery Pack

    Recently I had an opportunity to review two iPhone accessories from WirelessGround.com. With over 20,000 affordable products for mobile phones and pda’s  it was easy to isolate by carrier or brand and choose an iPhone docking station and battery extender. Apple iPhone 3G S USB Sync and Charge Cradle As an avid iPhone user I am always running out of battery power and constantly plugging in the phone to stay charged. This docking station is a great product and what […]

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  • Top 5 iPhone 3G Battery Extenders

    Top 5 iPhone 3G Battery Extenders

    My Apple iPhone 3G is always running out of battery life and many vendors are catching on to the add-on market for portable battery extensions. In this post I review my top 5 favorite designs and assume many more exist that are great but still on the drawing table right now. In researching this I came across a page at Apple that basically says turn off 3G, wi-fi, lower brightness, turn off push mail… get serious Apple! Apparently a new […]

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  • iPWR SuperPack iPhone 3G Battery Pack

    iPWR SuperPack iPhone 3G Battery Pack

    I have been looking for a small, modern battery pack for the Apple iPhone 3G and the iPWR SuperPack is my favorite design. With 1800 mAh power source it’s the smallest battery and you can achieve 120% the battery life of your iPhone with re-charging in 2.5 hours. The lithium-polymer battery allows you to talk on the phone while it’s attached and that’s important to me. Available in Black & White at $59.95 Streamlined, ultra-compact, light-weight design: Weighs 1.5 oz […]

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  • Micro Wind Power Portable Generator

    Micro Wind Power Portable Generator

    Imagine using wind power to charge your iPod, iphone, digital camera? The Micro wind power generator by Hymini.com fits in your hand and will power most 5V digital gadgets with a 65 mA capacity. The case is translucent and the wind turbine glows green when charging. Minimum of 9mph wind speed to start charging. The power is stored in a 1200 mAh built in lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery and has a USB plug so you can connect different gadgets.

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  • Callpod Fueltank iPhone Portable Power

    Callpod Fueltank iPhone Portable Power

    My iphone is always running out of battery life and have been searching for a charge on the go solution that is nicely designed. I found the Callpod Fueltank and with it you can charge 2 devices at the same time with 7x the capacity of mobile phone battery in Lithium Ion design. At 8 ounces it’s ready to travel and perfect for charging the iphone, ipod, cell phones, bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, gps and more. I really want to […]

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  • Solio Solar Power – Portable Magnesium Edition

    Solio Solar Power – Portable Magnesium Edition

    The Solio Portable Solar Power device is an interesting gadget. It is folded in a magnesium casing and when needed fans out to collect the rays from the sun. Solio claims it’s the most advanced Solar hybrid charger and was designed for outdoor adventurer, hiker, boater, etc. They combined solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power so it becomes much more useful than just a solar collection device with no storage. I think I want […]

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  • Portable Power – Brunton Solo 15

    Portable Power – Brunton Solo 15

    I am always looking for portable power solutions and this revolutionary SOLO 15 by Brunton brings power to the weekend camper or long expedition adventurer. Providing power when you need it, the new Solo can operate laptops, TVs, air-pumps, cell phones for hours with the potential for nearly unlimited power capacity. The unit is easily recharged when plugged into a household outlet, vehicle DC outlet or by using Brunton’s solar panels (great idea guys). But the true genius of the […]

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