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  • Personal Hovercraft | Hoverjet GT

    Personal Hovercraft | Hoverjet GT

    Welcome to the Hoverjet GT by Hovertechnics Inc., a 2 person hovercraft that can be used on water or ice.  Hmm… you could really have fun with something like this and will hit speeds from 40 to  70mph (on ice). Comes in different colors, this 2 person water craft weighs in at 400 pounds and has a Kevlar bottom hull. They include Mustang survival suits and vests you get the picture (not a toy). Need some quick specs? 2 cycle […]

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  • SeaDoo GTX Limited iS 255 Watercraft

    SeaDoo GTX Limited iS 255 Watercraft

    Want the best Sea-Doo money can buy? At $16,499 this is the most advanced watercraft with 255hp engine, interactive gauges, iControl water braking & suspension, high performance variable trim and room for 3. The Rotax 4 Tec engine is ready to propel you at high speeds 0-50 mph in 2.9 Seconds!  Note the SeaDoo RXT-X is the model that goes 0-50 in 2.9 seconds.  The iS models, both the GTX Limited iS 255 and the RXT iS 255 both go […]

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  • SeaBob Luxury Sea Toy Explorer

    SeaBob Luxury Sea Toy Explorer

    The Cayago SeaBob Sea Toy looks very James Bond! This high performance ocean gadget has amazing agility on top of the waves and under the water. You control it with two grip based Steering controls and you can dive by shifting your weight. You can change your speed with 10 gears and the diving depth of the standard models is 2.5 meters but Scuba divers can change it to 40 meters. Cruise on top of the water Put on your […]

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