Cobra Universal Mini Mount

As an avid user of the iPhone I was looking for a car dash holder that would allow for easy viewing of email, navigation and listening to music. Recently I received a Cobra Universal Mini Mount (cb-mnt-uni) to review and have put it through the paces over the last few weeks. The mini mount has been in several cars and even on the dash of a boat and a great device!

What’s Great About the Cobra Mini Mount

  • Works in horizontal or vertical mode (perfect for landscape GPS map or watching Netflix)
  • Suction cup on bottom works really well (decided to mount to the Mini Cooper dash)
  • Works with most smartphones as it’s a universal mounting system
  • Open at the bottom so you can have a charge cord attached
  • Ball & Socket design (gives you viewing flexibility)
  • Small format for portability
  • No need for alcohol wipes, velcro or odd ac vent attachments
  • Under $25

Horizontal View

What Could be Improved

  • Rubber backing that your phone touches looses some grip after awhile and I believe this was due to the coating on my iphone cases (incase perforated design). I didn’t try it without the case and only came off when I took a really sharp corner (that happens when I drive :))
  • Would like a flexible extension arm that could be exchanged with the smaller mount to provide greater flexibility with mounting locations.

In summary, I wanted to thank Cobra for sending over the device for review and check it out at Cobra’s website. Let me know what you use to hold your phone while you drive.



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