Surftech Laird Pearson Arrow 11′ Stand Up Paddleboard

Ok, so yesterday I tried paddleboarding and now I have to own one of these boards. Did some research and being a fan of Laird Pearson came across the Surftech Laird Pearson Arrow 11′ 0″ Stand Up Paddleboard that seems very cool. I like that these boards can be used from beginner to advanced and allow for excellent stability and tracking. Who’s with me… come on!

Cool Things about the Surftech Laird Pearson Arrow 11′ 0″ Stand Up Paddleboard

  • Designed by shaping expert Bob Pearson with Lairds help.
  • 11 ft. length is a great size for maneuvering fresh or salt water activites.
  • Narrow pintail (end of board) is thinned down to provide tight, easy, flowing turns and did you notice the 5 slots for fins! Basically a center fin and two side fins.
  • Excellent exercise!
  • Constructed of High-quality, lightweight Tuflite epoxy board.
  • Easy to transport at just over 27 pounds.
  • Costs $1790

PS – Don’t forget a carbon fiber paddle - I like the Werner Nitro Stand Up Paddle – Bent Shaft for $375 and you need to buy it for 74 to 86″ heights

I found the board and paddle at and you can check it out online. See you on the water!



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