Sony Digital Voice Recorder ICD-SX750

A few months back I purchased a Sony Digital Voice Recorder ICD-SX750 with Dragon Dictation and never looked back. The compact wonder records in stereo mp3 format up to 320kbps and holds 32-750 hours of amazing quality sound.

Sony Digital Voice Recorder ICD-SX750 with Dragon Dictation

If you haven’t looked at compact voice recorders in a few years you need to take another look. What’s great is that you have a professional recorder that can be used for podcasts, interviews, sound effects and recording music (see more on that below as it’s amazing).

Watch the Video Review ( Michael Vorel of, provides an unbiased review of the Sony Digital Voice Recorder 2GB ICD-SX750 with Dragon Dictation).

An important feature is that you can record live music in stereo or  with the line in microphone you can output from another music source (pandora, sirius, rhapsody) and record at 192KBS original quality. Although the unit can record at higher levels, Pandora stops at 192kbps so save the room. The result is a perfect match.

The unit syncs wit the PC easily and is the preferred computer to work with. When I was running Vista it was perfect but when I moved to Mac I had to run in VMware virtualization of Vista. If you are Mac only, it will record in a nice mp3 file format so easily played and perfect for podcasts, interviews, etc.

Sony audio tools is a nice feature to use with the PC and allows you to edit the files, slow down, speed up. etc. The battery is rechargeable and last forever and includes a windscreen, portable stand with tripod hole and docking station for transfers and charging. The Sony Digital Recorder is a solid gadget to own and add it to your arsenal of gadgets! Check it out at Amazon



  1. Nick says:

    Does it come with a “plug in power” for external mics?

    • Michael Vorel says:

      Hi Nick, you can plug in a microphone top the top part (red color) but no additional power from the device. You can control line in level but you could easily have something inline if you needed it. I plan to use it with a wireless audio technica setup and should not be a problem. Are you going to record music?

  2. Mohamed says:

    Does it FM radio? if yes, can I record sth from the radio while tuning in?

    • Michael Vorel says:

      Hi, doesn’t have a radio but if you have an iphone try the tunein app which allows you to listen to worldwide radio and record.

  3. Chris says:

    I transcribe meeting minutes for two weekly committees with over 50 members who readily contribute to the discussion of important topics that last up to 2 hours. This Sony recorder has been a God-send! It picks up all the comments in the large meeting room and makes doing my job so much easier.

    What I need is a tripod/stand to set the recorder on in the middle of the room. I have been placing a cardboard box on a chair, then putting the recorder (attached to its stand) on top of the box. It looks really tacky, but it works. I’d like to replace the chair & cardboard box set-up with a stand or tripod. What do you recommend?

    • Michael Vorel says:

      Hi Chris, that’s cool that it works for such a large group! On the stand you have a tripod adapter and what would be great to use is the Manfrotto
      MTT2-P02 Table Top Tripod with Ball Head $25 AT B&H OR Manfrotto MKC3-H02 Photo-Movie Kit QR (Gray) $69. The 2nd one is a small tripod that has a pistol grip that i personally like. Let me know what you do and thanks for commenting.

  4. Nikki says:

    Maybe you can help me, I bought the same one: Dragon doesn’t work – I can’t seem to download the software to use and I have cleaned off all recording (there are no files on the recorder) but it won’t let me record anything because it says memory is full.. any help would be appreciated.

    • Michael Vorel says:

      Hi Nikki, my advice is to connect the microphone to a pc and see if you can view and delete the files in the folders. Another idea is how full is your computers hard drive? Maybe need to purge some big files. good luck

  5. Michael Vorel says:

    Hi Nicole, I updated the post with a link to amazon – they seem to be a hot seller.

  6. Michael Vorel says:

    Hi – I have a link on the post if you want the easiest way to find or check out & Good luck

  7. Michael Vorel says:

    Hi Carlos, it does light up and LCD is easy to read. Thanks.

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