Dr Dre BeatBox iPod / iPhone Speaker

One day I was cruising through Best Buy and came across the Dr Dre® BeatBox iPod/iPhone docking station and had to give it a whirl. Dr. Dre® has a variety of branded headphones and was really skeptical of the sound. However, once I dropped my iphone into the top the sound was amazing (thanks Dr!) The speaker has pros and cons and haven’t purchased it yet (but close :))

What I liked about the Dr Dre BeatBox iPod/iPhone docking station

  • Excellent sound (able to handle rap, jazz, acoustic, etc without distortion)
  • Docking station for iPhone, iPod and assume the iTouch.
  • Sound control on top right of speaker (easy to turn up and down)
  • External line input (use with laptop and perfect for various audio sources)
  • Price is down to $349 from $399! Make it $299 and I am in.

What I didn’t like

  • No Battery – corded design means your party must be near an ac plug.
  • Should be redesigned to accomodate an iPad.
  • Include a visual panel so you could adjust the system.
  • Remote seems cheap.
  • Would like bluetooth option to send tunes and to use iphone remotely to control music.

Check out the CNET Video

Overall, from Pandora to iPod tunes the Dr Dre® BeatBox iPod/iPhone docking station is an excellent addition to any home, office or hotel room! In comparison to the Bose or iHome speaker docks this is miles above in sound quality, performance and will soon be an owner of one! My suggestion is to bring your phone to BestBuy and see for yourself – instant party! Buy Online, Pickup in Your Local Best Buy® Store.



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