Slide HD Widescreen Flip Cam

Welcome to the new SlideHD Flip Cam! This portable camcorder has a large 3″ wide screen that is unique over previous Flip HD models. The advantage of the larger screen is that you can shoot the video and then replay it back for family members or friends easily.
The industrial design is very nice and easily connects to your computer using the built-in USB arm for PC or Mac for transferring videos.  I wanted to note that the Flip Share software is very good and allows you to share your videos within Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other sites as well as sending a video to a family member using their system.  Your videos are compatible with Windows media player and QuickTime and can record 12 hours!
Video Details
The device offers a 16.9 widescreen with 400 x 200 pixels display, while recording is 1280×720 at 720p 30 fps (frames per second) . I wanted to note that in my previous posts with the Kodak Zi8 you really don’t want to bother shooting above 720p with a portable because otherwise you start to get some shake that is noticeable. Something I thought it was interesting was a silent mode for recording sensitive situations (what exactly are those?)

Inside the Box
SlideHD camcorder, soft case, wrist strap, user guide and built into the flip cam is the software so ready to go out of the box.

Need to show on your HDTV?

Personally I feel they should include this but you can purchase an optional HDMI cable that goes with it.

What’s Missing?

  • External microphone jack
  • Stabilization software
  • Lens Cover
  • Included HDMI cable

Overall, I like this product and wish they solved the microphone issue. If you want to purchase this I will receive a tiny commission and remember all profits from this site feed the gadget addiction!


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