RAM iPad Mounting Systems

A friend of mine is getting his pilot’s license and mentioned the Ram mounting system as a favorite for pilots to secure a variety of phones, gps, etc. Curious, I explored further on how I could take an ipad 2 in the car for navigation (or watching a movie…) and below is what you need to mount it safely with the ultimate flexibility. The pricing can accelerate quickly but if you want the best, don’t skimp!

Ipad Cup Holder Mount

Seems the way that Ram mounts work is that you first need to identify your device
(iPad or iPad 2) ($41) for the case part – have to buy this Ram Mounts at Amazon

Step 2 – Choose Your Activity (each mount is unique)
- Aviation mounts, golf, marine, vehicle, wall mount or wheelchair (how cool are those options)

At this point you are now considering putting your ipad on your wall or boat, right?

Step 3 – Choose Your Mount Type
- Dash mount, drink cup, no drill mount, seat mounts, suction cup mounts or universal mount.

RAM Universal Cup Holder Mount ($30)
Tip – Mount is sold separately than the actual iPad holder

Dash Mount for iPad ($47)
Rubber ball and socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles and made with Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum.

Seat Mount ($105)
Now this looks crazy to me but if you are always alone and require a substantial mount this is for you!

Suction Cup Mount ($34)
Ultimate flexibility with this one as it can suction onto dash or window.

Suction Cup Example
Question – where was this photo taken?

Swing Arm Mount

One thing left to talk about and that is power (conveniently they left that out in the photos)

Seems that you connect at the bottom of the base

Overall, I am really impressed with the whole Ram mounting system and can’t wait to explore my options for mounting an iphone on my bicycle. Check out more ready to go options Ram Mounts at Amazon



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