iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

While I was writing the review on the $15 iHome portable speaker I went to the main iHome web site and saw something that just went onto my list for Santa (hear that big guy?). The iHome Studio Series iP1 is an amazing speaker system for your iPhone or iPod that was developed by Bongiovi Acoustics (not Bon Jovi!). The concept of studio quality music coupled with the iPhone is a growing niche and love flexibility of internet radio.

iHomeAudio Studio Series Review - Featuring Bongiovi Acoustics DPS - Michael Vorel

What makes it Cool?

Bongiovi Acoustics is a patented technology that constantly scans your audio to restore harmonics and clarity lost to compression in today’s music. Now this is a really important point as MP3 is a compressed audio format so this must be a nice improvement!

What are the flaws?

The first flaw of the device is that although extremely sleek in appearance the company choose to include a large power brick that based on the reviews makes portability not a true option. Although may not be a big deal for many it is for me so have to downgrade the system just for that move. So if you don’t plan on moving the device than non issue but wanted to address it. The second issue was discovered on another review that spoke about less than perfect picture quality using the video out function to HDTV. The picture quality is not a deal breaker for me so still like this unit.

About Bongiovi Acoustics DPS (Digital Power Station) (from site)
The processor was developed by a team of audio engineers that have over 40 years of experience in the music and motion picture recording industries. Audio is digitally restored in real time, adding missing harmonics, improving clarity, presence, and bass resonance. Your music comes alive in ways never before possible. (Sounds great guys!)

Back of the Unit

Back Side - ihome studio series speaker

CloseUp Shot of Back




  • Note the Component Video (yes it solves the issue of bridging your iPhone/iPod content to your TV)
  • Line in (essential for integrating Sirius into this)
  • AC Jack (although would love a battery it is better w/o)


Closeup - back of speaker

CloseUp of Front Panel

front iphone speaker control

Technical Specs

  • Stereo, 2 way, bi-amped with digital crossover
  • (2) 4″ wooferswith custom glass fiber diaphragms
  • (2) 1″ tweeter
  • Digital Amp – class-D
  • 100 Watt
  • 45 – 20,000 frequency hz
  • Remote control

Overall a fun and useful portable speaker for personal and business use (not the portable unit you take on the road with you). With a great sound, iphone integration and ability to work with multiple devices via input  I recommend it.


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