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  • Cobra Universal Mini Mount

    Cobra Universal Mini Mount

    As an avid user of the iPhone I was looking for a car dash holder that would allow for easy viewing of email, navigation and listening to music. Recently I received a Cobra Universal Mini Mount (cb-mnt-uni) to review and have put it through the paces over the last few weeks. The mini mount has been in several cars and even on the dash of a boat and a great device!

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  • iPhone Docking Station + Battery Pack

    iPhone Docking Station + Battery Pack

    Recently I had an opportunity to review two iPhone accessories from WirelessGround.com. With over 20,000 affordable products for mobile phones and pda’s  it was easy to isolate by carrier or brand and choose an iPhone docking station and battery extender. Apple iPhone 3G S USB Sync and Charge Cradle As an avid iPhone user I am always running out of battery power and constantly plugging in the phone to stay charged. This docking station is a great product and what […]

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  • iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

    iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

    While I was writing the review on the $15 iHome portable speaker I went to the main iHome web site and saw something that just went onto my list for Santa (hear that big guy?). The iHome Studio Series iP1 is an amazing speaker system for your iPhone or iPod that was developed by Bongiovi Acoustics (not Bon Jovi!). The concept of studio quality music coupled with the iPhone is a growing niche and love flexibility of internet radio. What makes […]

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  • Top 5 iPhone 3G Battery Extenders

    Top 5 iPhone 3G Battery Extenders

    My Apple iPhone 3G is always running out of battery life and many vendors are catching on to the add-on market for portable battery extensions. In this post I review my top 5 favorite designs and assume many more exist that are great but still on the drawing table right now. In researching this I came across a page at Apple that basically says turn off 3G, wi-fi, lower brightness, turn off push mail… get serious Apple! Apparently a new […]

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  • Solio Solar Power – Portable Magnesium Edition

    Solio Solar Power – Portable Magnesium Edition

    The Solio Portable Solar Power device is an interesting gadget. It is folded in a magnesium casing and when needed fans out to collect the rays from the sun. Solio claims it’s the most advanced Solar hybrid charger and was designed for outdoor adventurer, hiker, boater, etc. They combined solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power so it becomes much more useful than just a solar collection device with no storage. I think I want […]

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