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  • Eton Soulra XL Solar BoomBox

    Eton Soulra XL Solar BoomBox

    At the consumer electronics show last year I spent some time in the Eton booth and loved the Soulra XL. It wasn’t available at the time and now it is which is great news. The Soulra is an Apple iPhone or iPod enabled boombox with a 72″ monocrystal solar recharging panel built in. In 5 hours you can recharge the system or your iphone in the sun and allows you to enjoy music at the beach, outdoor party, etc.

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  • RAM iPad Mounting Systems

    RAM iPad Mounting Systems

    A friend of mine is getting his pilot’s license and mentioned the Ram mounting system as a favorite for pilots to secure a variety of phones, gps, etc. Curious, I explored further on how I could take an ipad 2 in the car for navigation (or watching a movie…) and below is what you need to mount it safely with the ultimate flexibility. The pricing can accelerate quickly but if you want the best, don’t skimp!

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  • iHome iD9 iPad iPhone Portable Speaker

    iHome iD9 iPad iPhone Portable Speaker

    Recently I purchased the iHome iD9 portable sound dock and wanted to share my excitement over the device. As an avid listener of music on Pandora and owner of an iPhone 4 and iPad 2 I was looking for a self powered portable speaker that could be used anywhere.

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  • iPad2 | Upgrade Your Memory?

    iPad2 | Upgrade Your Memory?

    As an Apple fanatic, I ordered the iPad2 from Apple yesterday morning and sitting here imagining what it would be like to play with. As I read the various reviews from the zillion web sites who cover it I came across one on 9to5mac that spoke about a teardown of an ipad2 on ifixit.

    My Question – Can I UPGRADE the Toshiba 16GB Flash memory chip to say a 64GB?

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  • ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case

    ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case

    What a cool product from Zagg! The Zaggmate iPad keyboard case with bluetooth has arrived! The iPad is an amazing gadget but the virtual keyboard is just not feasible for typing (large amounts of text that is). I was thinking the only options were the bluetooth Apple keyboard coupled with a stand or one of those cheap keyboard solutions. If you have looked at some of the other options available for keyboards you wil understand what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Apple keyboard and use it every day with my MacBook but like the integration of this design for the complete package into one case is the ticket.

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  • Top 10 Holiday Gadgets

    Top 10 Holiday Gadgets

    It’s time for my top 10 holiday gadgets for 2010 and handpicked some great ones. I am really particular on what goes on the list so if buying for gift or yourself you can be assured that these are winners.

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  • Logitech Portable Lapdesk

    Logitech Portable Lapdesk

    Does your MacBook Pro heat up? Mine does and I have been looking at this cool portable lapdesk by Logitech for some time. I was in Target and noticed it was reduced to from $29 to $18 so had to buy it. What I like the most is that it must be made for the MacBook Pro 15 and super thin. I didn’t consider one of those fan based models so if you like them, chime in.

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  • iPhone 4 with Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    iPhone 4 with Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    Just purchased the portable Apple Bluetooth keyboard and it’s such a great product I needed to share with you. I am writing the post using the keyboard, iphone4 and wordpress iphone app all on an airplane tray. I have room for a drink and some so the Macbook Pro stays in the bag (it never fit anyway). On airplane tray (see room for a drink) You might be think it’s just a keyboard and it is but what was impressive […]

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  • iPhone 4 Case

    iPhone 4 Case

    The iphone 4 case race is on and just checked out the cases available for Free on iTunes. Per the “antennagate” reception issue, Apple is giving users the option to receive a free bumper case or one of 7 other models. That’s nice of Apple and just picked up 2 of them. However, I must say none of the cases hold a candle to the ifrogz iphone 4 Lux Lean cases we are sporting right now. This is the screen […]

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  • iPad +  HTC Android = Ultimate Solution

    iPad + HTC Android = Ultimate Solution

    Instead of a product review I wanted to try something different and talk about an issue I am facing. With the launch of the Apple iPad it has made me consider my overall mobile gadget strategy. As an iPhone user I really love the iTunes integration, available apps and overall fun. However, with the android operating system on the rise my curiosity is leaning towards Google and HTC rather than Apple. So what to do? The cross platform solution Since […]

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  • Blok Wood iPod Docking Station by Revo

    Blok Wood iPod Docking Station by Revo

    Tired of cheap iPod docking stations? Me too!  Meet the Blok by Revo, an iPod speaker system with high quality components as well as superior audio. Inside the handcrafted wooden cabinet you’ve got great technology with 40W of high resolution digital audio for a good room filling sound. The speaker unit has its own remote control in machined aluminum and soft plastics, designed to place the full iPod control into the palm of your hand. Included with the block is […]

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  • Ipod 4GB Shuffle – Smallest Music Player in World

    Ipod 4GB Shuffle – Smallest Music Player in World

    Apple just announced the new 4BG Ipod Shuffle that is not only the smallest music player (1.8” tall x .3”) in the world but has some cool new features. It has all controls on the earbud with Voiceover so you can navigate songs by voice. That is definitely great for working out, biking, skiing, etc. You get the picture right! Size Comparison

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  • Apple Macbook Pro – 17” Notebook

    Apple Macbook Pro – 17” Notebook

    As a new convert to everything Apple I really appreciate great design and functionality. With headlines like world’s thinnest (under 1 inch) and lightest (6.6 pounds) 17” Notebook the MacBook Pro really shines. I can tell you this is the next laptop I am buying and imaging the 8 hour battery life, exceptional graphics, video and sound capabilities. According to Apple, it can be recharged up to 1000 times compared with only 200 to 300 times for typical notebooks.  Sounds […]

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