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  • Monaco Solar iPhone Charger

    Monaco Solar iPhone Charger

    As an avid iphone 4 user I am always in need of portable power and have tested several battery solutions (some better than others). It seems to me that the easiest solution is an external USB based power solution that is not phone specific so you can use with multiple phones (iphone, blackberry, droid, evo, etc). For example, I upgraded my iphone so the mophie air pack for the 3G becomes worthless. Stay external for flexibility and don’t bother with […]

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  • TazzleIt | Blackberry Wireless File Sending

    TazzleIt | Blackberry Wireless File Sending

    Want to be more productive with your Blackberry? I recently received a TazzleIt USB device that allows you to send photos, files and print from your phone to your laptop or desktop. This impressive little device is perfect for the mobile professional who wants to share internal documents on the road. I created a video review of the TazzleIt and you can see it here or view below: As the manufacturer says… “Tazzle It” I wanted to thank Bruce Haendal, […]

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  • Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager Pro Headset

    Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager Pro Headset

    I was talking with my brother Mark about his new Bluetooth headset and asked him to share his findings. He was frustrated with cell phone headsets and have to say I am too! I recently purchased the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth headset for use with my Blackberry Curve. I love it! Worth the $99 . My top criteria were; sound quality/noise cancelling, fit/comfort and talk time. Sound quality/noise: I was getting complaints about road noise when I made calls from […]

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  • Solio Solar Power – Portable Magnesium Edition

    Solio Solar Power – Portable Magnesium Edition

    The Solio Portable Solar Power device is an interesting gadget. It is folded in a magnesium casing and when needed fans out to collect the rays from the sun. Solio claims it’s the most advanced Solar hybrid charger and was designed for outdoor adventurer, hiker, boater, etc. They combined solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power so it becomes much more useful than just a solar collection device with no storage. I think I want […]

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