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  • ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case

    ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case

    What a cool product from Zagg! The Zaggmate iPad keyboard case with bluetooth has arrived! The iPad is an amazing gadget but the virtual keyboard is just not feasible for typing (large amounts of text that is). I was thinking the only options were the bluetooth Apple keyboard coupled with a stand or one of those cheap keyboard solutions. If you have looked at some of the other options available for keyboards you wil understand what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Apple keyboard and use it every day with my MacBook but like the integration of this design for the complete package into one case is the ticket.

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  • iPhone 4 with Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    iPhone 4 with Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    Just purchased the portable Apple Bluetooth keyboard and it’s such a great product I needed to share with you. I am writing the post using the keyboard, iphone4 and wordpress iphone app all on an airplane tray. I have room for a drink and some so the Macbook Pro stays in the bag (it never fit anyway). On airplane tray (see room for a drink) You might be think it’s just a keyboard and it is but what was impressive […]

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  • Top 10 Skype Gadgets

    Top 10 Skype Gadgets

    I use Skype every day in both chat, making phone calls and video and wanted to share some great products that help you utilize Skype to it’s full potential. In case you have been in a cave and you haven’t heard of Skype (how could that be?) it’s a Free live chat and video service that works on PC or Mac with some cool upgrades. Once you have your account you can pay under $30/yr for unlimited calling to real […]

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  • Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager Pro Headset

    Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager Pro Headset

    I was talking with my brother Mark about his new Bluetooth headset and asked him to share his findings. He was frustrated with cell phone headsets and have to say I am too! I recently purchased the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth headset for use with my Blackberry Curve. I love it! Worth the $99 . My top criteria were; sound quality/noise cancelling, fit/comfort and talk time. Sound quality/noise: I was getting complaints about road noise when I made calls from […]

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