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  • JetBoil Camping Stove + Coffee Maker

    JetBoil Camping Stove + Coffee Maker

    As a huge fan of camping & coffee technology, the JetBoil Personal Cooking System with optional coffee press attachment is a unique combination for the outdoor fanatic. Good coffee while camping is essential in my book and seems to be a dual purpose stove. Although this all sounds great I do have some reservations about this product with so many add-ons so please read on. Concept of JetBoil Attach a JetBoil fuel canister to the bottom (hear other 225g canister […]

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  • Portable Kitchen that fits in a Bag

    Portable Kitchen that fits in a Bag

    Recently, I went camping and was thinking about a folding kitchen table setup to prepare food on. I came across the REI Camp Kitchen and seems to be an excellent camping or tailgating gadget. The aluminum and steel design has space on the left and right for food preparation (or mixing drinks) and a wind covered center portion for the portable grill. On my last camping trip the wind was so strong it was difficult to shield the stove to […]

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  • North Face Tent – VE 25

    North Face Tent – VE 25

    I like North Face tents and always impressed with the higher end versions. Sure they are 2-3x as much as a standard tent but when you are going into the outdoors you want the best equipment you can have. I did a few Outward Bound trips and during the 31 day excursions you realize what’s important to you. This 4 season, 3 person tent is ready to face extreme conditions! Hitting a high altitude adventure? This has multiple ways to […]

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