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  • Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager Pro Headset

    Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager Pro Headset

    I was talking with my brother Mark about his new Bluetooth headset and asked him to share his findings. He was frustrated with cell phone headsets and have to say I am too! I recently purchased the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth headset for use with my Blackberry Curve. I love it! Worth the $99 . My top criteria were; sound quality/noise cancelling, fit/comfort and talk time. Sound quality/noise: I was getting complaints about road noise when I made calls from […]

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  • LG TV Cell Phone LG-CU920

    LG TV Cell Phone LG-CU920

    I want Live TV on my cell phone and went looking for alternatives and found the LG CU920 Cell Phone. With At&t mobile TV service you can enjoy full-length broadcast quality TV shows, play music and record videos. With a 2MP camera and touch screen the competitors are closing in on Apples iphone. Looks like a nice design. Explore the LG-CU920

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  • Iridium Global Satellite Phone 9555

    Iridium Global Satellite Phone 9555

    Remember those Iridium satellites? Well you can get a phone that will work anywhere in the world and that is one cool concept. The Iridium 9555 satellite phone is a ruggedly built tool and is not an average phone! It is Water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability and has SMS and email messaging capability. It’s the ultimate global traveler phone. 1000 Prepaid Minutes with 2 Year Expiration is $1,250.00 in case you are wondering. What it will do […]

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