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  • iPad +  HTC Android = Ultimate Solution

    iPad + HTC Android = Ultimate Solution

    Instead of a product review I wanted to try something different and talk about an issue I am facing. With the launch of the Apple iPad it has made me consider my overall mobile gadget strategy. As an iPhone user I really love the iTunes integration, available apps and overall fun. However, with the android operating system on the rise my curiosity is leaning towards Google and HTC rather than Apple. So what to do? The cross platform solution Since […]

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  • HTC Shift Mobile PC with 3G

    HTC Shift Mobile PC with 3G

    The HTC designs are first rate and this portable HTC Shift PC runs Windows Vista Business, Outlook and has a touch sensitive 7” screen. Coupled with Wi-Fi and 3G high speeds you can full computing power on the road. The battery lasts for 2 days and has bluetooth and biometric fingerprint technology. You can choose between CDMA and GSM versions and has 40GB hard drive. With an Intel A110 800Mhz processor and Intel 945 graphics chip you can resemble a […]

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  • HTC Advantage X7510 Mobile Office Mini PC

    HTC Advantage X7510 Mobile Office Mini PC

    HTC makes really nice products and even though I prefer an Apple iPhone I use my Sony 11” carbon fiber notebook and a Nokia n800 for portable PC use. What I liked about this HTC product was it’s 2 hour video capability on the battery (otherwise 6hr), cell phone, Bluetooth, 2 cameras all in 5” screen with full keyboard. Runs Windows Mobile® 6.1 and only available in Europe right now. Featuring 16GB of internal flash memory.  Slide the Advantage X7510 […]

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