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  • Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

    Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

    Are you interested in having not only fantastic sound but something truly industrial and well-designed?These unique ceramic speakers from designer Joey Roth are made from porcelain, birch plywood, core aluminum and cast iron. Not your typical design and I really respect Joey for designing these. What will they work with? Basically anything with an output as the device has an RCA or 1/8″ Input for iPods, iPhone, iPads, Laptops, TV and Turntable (if you’re using a phono preamp) Industrial Design […]

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  • Blok Wood iPod Docking Station by Revo

    Blok Wood iPod Docking Station by Revo

    Tired of cheap iPod docking stations? Me too!  Meet the Blok by Revo, an iPod speaker system with high quality components as well as superior audio. Inside the handcrafted wooden cabinet you’ve got great technology with 40W of high resolution digital audio for a good room filling sound. The speaker unit has its own remote control in machined aluminum and soft plastics, designed to place the full iPod control into the palm of your hand. Included with the block is […]

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  • Video Eyewear You Might Wear!

    Video Eyewear You Might Wear!

    Have you seen the video eyewear headsets these days? Over the years I have tried on these Star Trek glasses at trade shows and wonder why you really need them. I have yet to hear from a gadget addict who has to have them or seen a person on a plane wearing them. However, I want to give them a fair review… and so I checked out the latest and greatest of these video headsets and looking for feedback on them. […]

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  • iPig iPod Docking Station

    iPig iPod Docking Station

    Heard of Speakal? Check out these cool iPod docking stations. The iPig Limited Edition in black is a speaker system that includes a 15W subwoofer, 5 speakers and a remote to control the iPig and iPod functions. Comes in 3 colors costs $119.99. Enjoy a 360 degree sound and with 3.5mm AUX input jack connect to TV, Gaming consoles, etc. Personally I have not tested the iPig but sounds interesting. Other colors are available as well (Pink, Yellow & White […]

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  • iPhone / Ipod Speaker – JBL On Stage IIIP

    iPhone / Ipod Speaker – JBL On Stage IIIP

    I have a portable JBL speaker and it has been fantastic, this is the upgraded model and thinking about buying it. The JBL portable dock is the ideal travel partner while on the road or to enjoy the sound on your desktop. Imagine pulling this out of your luggage and hearing your tunes while you relax. Uses 6 AA batteries for 12 hours of play or use AC cord. The system is compatible with iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod […]

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