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  • Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

    Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

    Are you interested in having not only fantastic sound but something truly industrial and well-designed?These unique ceramic speakers from designer Joey Roth are made from porcelain, birch plywood, core aluminum and cast iron. Not your typical design and I really respect Joey for designing these. What will they work with? Basically anything with an output as the device has an RCA or 1/8″ Input for iPods, iPhone, iPads, Laptops, TV and Turntable (if you’re using a phono preamp) Industrial Design […]

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  • Crocodile Laptop by Sony

    Crocodile Laptop by Sony

    Meet the Sony Vaio Signature Collection CS390 Notebook – with faux crocodile skin and gold accents it’s really unique. Personally I am not lining up for this laptop but with only 300 in production it creates a sense of need (right?). At 2.8Ghz with dual core processor it features a 14.1 xBrite Sony screen supports to 8GB of ram and 400GB harddrive. Starting at $779 it can reach $1800+ with blu-ray and other add-ons. My gut feel is that this […]

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  • HP TouchSmart TX2Z Tablet 12” Laptop

    HP TouchSmart TX2Z Tablet 12” Laptop

    Have you seen the HP TouchSmart TX2Z Laptop? The 12” notebook has a touch sensitive screen that swivels 180 degrees and lays flat to make a tablet pad. This intrigued me and with the included stylus pen you can convert handwritten notes to text and surf the web with your finger. The notebook (HP Online Store) has 64-bit Windows Vista and has a resolution of 1280 x 800 so makes for a fun gadget to own. More Info: – AMD […]

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  • Adamo Laptop – Stylish Dell 13.4" Aluminum Design

    Adamo Laptop – Stylish Dell 13.4" Aluminum Design

    This is as close to an Apple product as I have seen lately. The sleek metal design (silver aluminum or onyx black) is different than what Dell has designed in the past and the keys seem to curve up to the sky on the edges. It has Bluetooth, 5 hr battery, 128GB solid state drive (no moving parts) that is cool and quiet and displays in 16×9.

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  • Apple Macbook Pro – 17” Notebook

    Apple Macbook Pro – 17” Notebook

    As a new convert to everything Apple I really appreciate great design and functionality. With headlines like world’s thinnest (under 1 inch) and lightest (6.6 pounds) 17” Notebook the MacBook Pro really shines. I can tell you this is the next laptop I am buying and imaging the 8 hour battery life, exceptional graphics, video and sound capabilities. According to Apple, it can be recharged up to 1000 times compared with only 200 to 300 times for typical notebooks.  Sounds […]

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  • HTC Advantage X7510 Mobile Office Mini PC

    HTC Advantage X7510 Mobile Office Mini PC

    HTC makes really nice products and even though I prefer an Apple iPhone I use my Sony 11” carbon fiber notebook and a Nokia n800 for portable PC use. What I liked about this HTC product was it’s 2 hour video capability on the battery (otherwise 6hr), cell phone, Bluetooth, 2 cameras all in 5” screen with full keyboard. Runs Windows Mobile® 6.1 and only available in Europe right now. Featuring 16GB of internal flash memory.  Slide the Advantage X7510 […]

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  • Sony Vaio P | Worlds Lightest Notebook

    Sony Vaio P | Worlds Lightest Notebook

    The world’s lightest 8″ notebook, the 1.4-pound VAIO® P Series Lifestyle PC does more than you could imagine–with impeccable style. Email at the airport, IM from the park, or just show it off when you want some attention. Traveling to a new city? Turn-by-turn GPS navigation will get you there faster. Best of all, it fits right in your purse or jacket pocket. Place to Buy: (I receive credit if you purchase so thanks – feeds the addiction to gadgets) […]

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