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  • iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

    iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

    While I was writing the┬áreview on the $15 iHome portable speaker I went to the main iHome web site and saw something that just went onto my list for Santa (hear that big guy?). The iHome Studio Series iP1 is an amazing speaker system for your iPhone or iPod that was developed by Bongiovi Acoustics (not Bon Jovi!). The concept of studio quality music coupled with the iPhone is a growing niche and love flexibility of internet radio. What makes […]

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  • iHome Portable Speaker $15!

    iHome Portable Speaker $15!

    I listen to music everyday from morning till night and use Pandora, Rhapsody & Sirius to satisfy my needs. The issue of a portable speaker has been a problem as I wanted a solution that works with the iPhone & Sirius Stiletto (via earphone jack) and would support the device or viewing. Find out why this $15 iHome iHM10 speaker has become my pick of the week (watch video review) and the story of how I found it. Why did […]

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  • Tesla Model S Electric Car

    Tesla Model S Electric Car

    A new Tesla Electric Car called Model S is scheduled for 2011 and has 4 doors, 300 mile range, seats 7 people and will go 0-60 mph in less than 5.6 seconds. Those are amazing figures and did I mention it looks like a BMW or Lexus? Apparently it is twice the efficiency of hybrids, 45 minute quickcharge and has loads of cargo space. All sounds great at $49,900. Inside the Model S is a liquid-cooled, floor-mounted battery pack and […]

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