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  • Eton Soulra XL Solar BoomBox

    Eton Soulra XL Solar BoomBox

    At the consumer electronics show last year I spent some time in the Eton booth and loved the Soulra XL. It wasn’t available at the time and now it is which is great news. The Soulra is an Apple iPhone or iPod enabled boombox with a 72″ monocrystal solar recharging panel built in. In 5 hours you can recharge the system or your iphone in the sun and allows you to enjoy music at the beach, outdoor party, etc.

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  • iMego Earth Headphones

    iMego Earth Headphones

    Recently I had the opportunity to check out a new line of headphones from iMego. The colorful and stylish iMego Earth series come in 4 vibrant colors with cool mosaic patterns on the side. For the review I was sporting a pair of light blue ones with a mosaic design and although they wouldn’t be the style for me I liked them very much.

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  • iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

    iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

    While I was writing the review on the $15 iHome portable speaker I went to the main iHome web site and saw something that just went onto my list for Santa (hear that big guy?). The iHome Studio Series iP1 is an amazing speaker system for your iPhone or iPod that was developed by Bongiovi Acoustics (not Bon Jovi!). The concept of studio quality music coupled with the iPhone is a growing niche and love flexibility of internet radio. What makes […]

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  • Ipod 4GB Shuffle – Smallest Music Player in World

    Ipod 4GB Shuffle – Smallest Music Player in World

    Apple just announced the new 4BG Ipod Shuffle that is not only the smallest music player (1.8” tall x .3”) in the world but has some cool new features. It has all controls on the earbud with Voiceover so you can navigate songs by voice. That is definitely great for working out, biking, skiing, etc. You get the picture right! Size Comparison

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