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  • Dr Dre BeatBox iPod / iPhone Speaker

    Dr Dre BeatBox iPod / iPhone Speaker

    One day I was cruising through Best Buy and came across the Dr Dre® BeatBox iPod/iPhone docking station and had to give it a whirl. Dr. Dre® has a variety of branded headphones and was really skeptical of the sound. However, once I dropped my iphone into the top the sound was amazing (thanks Dr!) The speaker has pros and cons and haven’t purchased it yet (but close :))

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  • iHome iD9 iPad iPhone Portable Speaker

    iHome iD9 iPad iPhone Portable Speaker

    Recently I purchased the iHome iD9 portable sound dock and wanted to share my excitement over the device. As an avid listener of music on Pandora and owner of an iPhone 4 and iPad 2 I was looking for a self powered portable speaker that could be used anywhere.

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  • Blok Wood iPod Docking Station by Revo

    Blok Wood iPod Docking Station by Revo

    Tired of cheap iPod docking stations? Me too!  Meet the Blok by Revo, an iPod speaker system with high quality components as well as superior audio. Inside the handcrafted wooden cabinet you’ve got great technology with 40W of high resolution digital audio for a good room filling sound. The speaker unit has its own remote control in machined aluminum and soft plastics, designed to place the full iPod control into the palm of your hand. Included with the block is […]

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  • iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

    iHome Studio Series iP1 iPhone Speaker System

    While I was writing the review on the $15 iHome portable speaker I went to the main iHome web site and saw something that just went onto my list for Santa (hear that big guy?). The iHome Studio Series iP1 is an amazing speaker system for your iPhone or iPod that was developed by Bongiovi Acoustics (not Bon Jovi!). The concept of studio quality music coupled with the iPhone is a growing niche and love flexibility of internet radio. What makes […]

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  • iHome Portable Speaker $15!

    iHome Portable Speaker $15!

    I listen to music everyday from morning till night and use Pandora, Rhapsody & Sirius to satisfy my needs. The issue of a portable speaker has been a problem as I wanted a solution that works with the iPhone & Sirius Stiletto (via earphone jack) and would support the device or viewing. Find out why this $15 iHome iHM10 speaker has become my pick of the week (watch video review) and the story of how I found it. Why did […]

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  • iPhone / Ipod Speaker – JBL On Stage IIIP

    iPhone / Ipod Speaker – JBL On Stage IIIP

    I have a portable JBL speaker and it has been fantastic, this is the upgraded model and thinking about buying it. The JBL portable dock is the ideal travel partner while on the road or to enjoy the sound on your desktop. Imagine pulling this out of your luggage and hearing your tunes while you relax. Uses 6 AA batteries for 12 hours of play or use AC cord. The system is compatible with iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod […]

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