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  • Asus Skype Video Phone

    Asus Skype Video Phone

    Have I mentioned I love Skype? Here is another cool portable Skype product that doesn’t require a computer to use! The Asus Videophone Touch Ai Guru SV1T is a portable Skype unit that incorporates video and microphone for a portable video conferencing solution. What’s great about the Skype Gadget? Doesn’t need a computer! Camera Built In (0.3-MegaPixel CMOS (640 X 480 pixels)) 7″ Touch screen display (800 X 480 pixel TFT-LCD) Rechargeable battery power system Wi-fi enabled or Ethernet (Wireless: […]

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  • IPEVO Skype Desktop Phone Rocks!

    IPEVO Skype Desktop Phone Rocks!

    As an avid user of Skype for phone calls I have been on the hunt to review an Ethernet “hard-wired” desktop phone and IPEVO S0-10 is the answer! I recently wrote a review on the Top 10 Skype Phones and wanted to highlight just this Skype phone as I love it! I wanted to first thank, Jeff Yen from Ipevo for sending me a unit to test. From the moment I opened the box I was so excited to get […]

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  • Top 10 Skype Gadgets

    Top 10 Skype Gadgets

    I use Skype every day in both chat, making phone calls and video and wanted to share some great products that help you utilize Skype to it’s full potential. In case you have been in a cave and you haven’t heard of Skype (how could that be?) it’s a Free live chat and video service that works on PC or Mac with some cool upgrades. Once you have your account you can pay under $30/yr for unlimited calling to real […]

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