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  • Kodak Zi8 Digital Camcorder

    Kodak Zi8 Digital Camcorder

    Ready for an unbiased review of the Kodak Zi8 portable video camera? Before I review, I wanted to let you know I purchased this unit myself, never worked for Kodak and ultimately just providing my unbiased product review as this can be a difficult decision. My experience was filled with pros and cons and I know the Zi8 has a lot of fans so please feel free to comment on the post.

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  • XShot Monopod 2.0

    XShot Monopod 2.0

    Recently I received an xshot 2.0 monopod which allows you to put yourself in a photo or video by yourself. The concept is to connect to the bottom of your flip video camera or digital camera, extend the 9″ telescoping pole and take the shot from 37″ away. It’s that easy. I often attend trade shows and now have a camera crew with me at all times! To understand what you can do with the XShot you can see the xshot video […]

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  • 2010 Personal Gadget Goals

    2010 Personal Gadget Goals

    As 2010 arrived today I wanted to set 7 personal goals for gadgets. Sure, most people want to lose weight, work out more, etc. but I choose to make a list of cool gadgets to have in 2010. Let’s get going, it’s the 1st! 1. Kodak Zi8 – Portable video camera or other? This flip cam competitor made my list for 2 reasons; first is 1080p HD resolution (i know it’s not the same) and the second is a microphone […]

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  • Top 10 Skype Gadgets

    Top 10 Skype Gadgets

    I use Skype every day in both chat, making phone calls and video and wanted to share some great products that help you utilize Skype to it’s full potential. In case you have been in a cave and you haven’t heard of Skype (how could that be?) it’s a Free live chat and video service that works on PC or Mac with some cool upgrades. Once you have your account you can pay under $30/yr for unlimited calling to real […]

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  • Epic Stealth Video Camera for Action Sports STC-EPC1

    Epic Stealth Video Camera for Action Sports STC-EPC1

    I was looking for video gear and came across this Epic Stealth video camera and took a closer look. Inside is a 5 MP Still Image Digital Camera & 30 FPS Video Camera with SD Card access. The unit is waterproof and YouTube ready. At $139, who cares if it takes great images at it just sounds fun to own! Strap it on your bike handlebars, helmet, you get the idea!

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