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NotSoBriefRelief™ Vibrating Muscle massager

NotSoBriefRelief™ Vibrating Muscle massager

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Why suffer from muscle stress,shoulder or back pain when you can enjoy soothing massages at home

massage gun can effectively relieve muscle aches and pains after exercise and sedentary, promote blood circulation, enhance body vitality, and let you enjoy the wonderful experience of deep percussion massage.

Various applications

The massager features 4 replaceable heads:

Flat Head

The flat head is suitable for all parts of the body. If you don't know how to choose a massage head, please try it first.

Bullet Head

The bullet head is suitable for joint and palms soles.

Round Head

The round head is suitable for large muscle groups.

Fork Head

The fork head is suitable for cervical spine and Achilles tendon.

This massage gun adopts Plug charging design.